[MIH x TomTom Seminar] Shaping the future of EV mobility, together.

Industry-wide collaboration and open partner ecosystems are a proven method of driving innovation. With the launch of the MIH Consortium, key players in the world of mobility are coming together to pool their expertise – and, ultimately, shape the future.


TomTom has been a strategic partner of this 2,600+ strong alliance since its inception. Join our webinar for an exclusive insight into the impact that MIH working groups are having on mobility. Discover how they’re poised to unlock the full potential of EVs and digital cockpit, reimagine every element of the driving experience – and optimize fleet efficiency through the latest location technology.




[Webinar information]

  • Time: 5/11 Thursday, 3 p.m. (GMT+8)
  • Format: webinar, Register HERE (you will directly get the webinar link by registration)
  • Language: English
  • Speakers: MIH Consortium, TomTom


  • Introduction
  • Challenges and Developments in the EV World
  • Building the Smart Cabin of the Future with TomTom Digital Cockpit
  • Electric Vehicles Use Cases
  • Group Q&A