MIH X BASF Webinar: Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Drive | Video Relay



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Electric vehicles have emerged as a global trend, driven by the goal of achieving net-zero emissions and promoting sustainability. The electrified powertrain, as one of the core technologies in electric vehicles, requires new materials as its key performance. Components in electric vehicles are expected to employ materials suitable for higher voltage. Another factor driving the change is related to passenger safety that more flame-retardant materials are being used nowadays.


Key topics from the webinar will cover:

  • Flame retardant polymers used in eMobility
  • Electrical properties of polymer for eMobility


[Webinar information]

  • Time: 3/16 Thursday, 2-3pm (GMT+8)
  • Format: webinar
  • Language: English
  • Speakers: MIH, BASF



14:00-14:05 Opening: BASF’s vision and mission- Eric Huang,  MIH Technical Lead

14:05-14:15 Energize Sustainability for EV Ecosystem by Climate Governance and Carbon Management- Shock Tung, MIH

14:15-14:30 We Create Chemistry for a Sustainable Future– Michael Sun, BASF

14:30-14:50 Shaping the eMobility with Holistic Polymer SolutionsSweeJin Saw, BASF

14:50-15:00 Q&A