Smart Cabin Working Group Insight Sharing webinar | Video review

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People expect electric vehicles to be the bridge between life and technology. To improve user experience, automotive OEMs are racing for the implementation of innovative smart cockpit technologies to pursue personalized customer experiences. However, this business model will lead to the increase of development costs for the supply chain and Tier 1. This is a drawback of the popularization and evolution of electric vehicles.

MIH hopes to solve the challenges mentioned above. The goal of the Smart Cabin Working Group is to standardize the interface. Traditionally incompatible components, e.g., computing units or the test chassis due to manufacturer differences, will become compatible through the standard interface developed by MIH and MIH members. The hardware interface means cables and connectors, and the software interface refers to protocols and data format. The interfaces related to the cockpit need to be standardized too.


About Smart Cabin Working Group



  • Time: 11/25 Friday, 2-3pm Taiwan Time (GMT+8)
  • Format: webinar
  • Language: English
  • Speakers: MIH, Karma, TomTom, Cerence, Kneron




14:00-14:10 Opening- Smart Cabin WG’s vision and mission, MIH

14:10-14:20 Karma’s vision for the future Smart Cabin, Karma

14:20-14:30 Combine digital cockpit with MIH Smart Cabin, TomTom

14:30-14:45 Cerence Assistant 2.0 with MIH Smart Cabin, Cerence

14:45-14:55 Kneron’s Edge AI with MIH Smart Cabin, Kneron

14:55-15:00 Q&A