Interest Groups Status for August 2022

MIH and partners have launched innovative projects within their Interest Group to discuss cutting-edge EV technologies and policies that are of interest to many of our members and serve as sustainable standards for a variety of vehicle use cases Specifications and other topics exchange discussions. Please find the updates of the Interest Group below:

【Carbon Neutrality IG


Carbon Neutrality Interest Group formally initiate the regular meetings this month and clarify the programming framework for the reference of the White Paper, which is going to be published next. 


The programming framework is  jointly developed by group members, being based on all aspects of governance, strategy, risk management, metrics and target. It defines the projects including Capacity Building, Climate Risk Assessment & Management,  Pathways to Carbon Neutrality, etc., to provide the alliance member with guidance and assistance in resilience building and low-carbon transformation. 


The interest group is expected to combine the internet of mobility and blockchain technology, plan information management, and database structure to control the whole life cycle of products, including the stage of raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, use, disposal, and other information. With the third-party verification, the interest group will provide alliance members with the smart solutions for Climate Governance and Carbon Management, which enable them to converge with important international standards and increase market competitiveness. The next step of the interest group will be to draft the white paper and plan the actual pilot project. 


Next Generation Communication IG


The next-generation communication research group meeting focused on identifying the next-generation communication standards required for electric vehicles and took the design direction of vehicle antennas, satellite UT system test methods, vehicle certification requirements, and Starlink business communication systems as the next stage The working basis for the standardization of the working group. 


In two meetings this month, conducted in-depth analysis and discussions with members on issues such as certification and potential proposals for automotive antenna from Dekra, and reliability testing for automotive antennas from SGS. 


Web3 IG


This month’s work direction is to collect members’ ideas on how to integrate their areas of expertise into MIH to develop into a Web3 ecosystem, as a reference for future development. And start planning to provide application scenarios for B2B and B2C, and provide the diversity of the Web3 ecosystem. The more complete content will be explained in detail in the white paper.