Interest Groups Status for September 2022

MIH Consortium and partners have launched innovative projects within Interest Groups to discuss cutting-edge EV technologies and policies that are of interest to many of our members and serve as sustainable standards for a variety of vehicle use cases Specifications and other topics exchange discussions. This month’s update is as follows: 


【Carbon Neutrality IG


TÜV Rheinland joined the Carbon Neutrality Interest Group in September and is responsible for third-party verification and guidance service. This month, the interest group drafted the content of the white paper based on the programming framework developed last month, and joined the chapter on platform participation and cooperation mechanism, aiming to design a complete ecosystem for MIH and demonstrate the co-benefits of climate governance and carbon neutrality to partners. The EV information management system, which is expected to be developed in cooperation with the Web3 in EV Ecosystem Interest Group, will also be planned by the Carbon Neutrality Interest Group for the user-end carbon reduction feedback mechanism. 


Web3 in EV Ecosystem IG


In September, the Web3 in EV Ecosystem Interest Group is focusing on establishing the application scenario architecture of Web3 in B2B and B2C of the electric vehicle ecosystem to establish the future direction of the Web3 group. Besides, the Web3 group plans a demonstration and interactive experience of demo day at the exhibition.