Invitation to join MIH Consortium and Working Groups

Make Your Membership Count – Start Today!

MIH Consortium is gaining momentum with the work we do as it revolves around the realization and standardization of EV technologies in a collective effort. And to further the work we set out to achieve as MIH promotes the development of reference designs and standards based on the deliverables, it’s important that our members have a say. 

We’re proud to announce that we fulfilled our promise to create an operating model with structure to support the MIH Open EV Alliance. Now, it’s time to ask our members to participate and start influencing our industry changing approach. 

Membership Has Its Benefits 

All Alliance members will have the opportunity to network at Interest Groups and events hosted by MIH and stay connected to receive our general news. We would love to invite you to join us to become a Contributor Member where you will have an opportunity to provide strategic direction and contribute technical expertise within the Working Groups to accelerate the evolution of EV technologies. These Working Groups will range from autonomous driving, connectivity and cloud services, security, energy management, to user experience. Please visit this page for a list of the latest Working Group candidates. You will also have access to the latest market insights, certification training, and IP consultation services. 

What’s Next 

We’re aiming for August 16th as the first committee meeting where we’ll look to YOU to provide input to which Working Group will be created and how you will contribute. If you are interested in joining one of the Working Group candidates, please fill out this MIH Group Application and Feedback Form. Or, if you would like to suggest a new Working Group, please fill out this MIH Group Suggestion Form

Click here to become a MIH member. If you are an existing MIH Community Member, please fill out this donation form to complete the Contributor Member process.