MIH December 2022 Newsletter

Dear members,


Happy New Year! And we wish you and your families all the best for 2023. 🎉


The world is getting back on track from the impact of the epidemic. Looking forward to 2023, we may still face challenges, but we can see them as opportunities, especially in the field of electric vehicles (EV). Whether market outlook or technology development, the EV industry continues to be optimistic. We feel excited about the future. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas will be the first stop of the MIH Consortium to expand the international market in 2023. We will be announcing the North American EV Ecosystem plan. Just stay tuned. 


To kick off the new year, MIH CEO Jack Cheng wants to share the milestones we have reached and the goals we have set for 2023. Click to watch the video now.💡


Hope all your wishes come true in 2023. 🌟


Jack and MIH Team


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MIH To Unveil EV Ecosystem Strategy In North America At CES 2023

The first stop of MIH’s overseas expansion in 2023 is going to CES. MIH CEO Jack will hold a press conference at 11:00 am on Jan 5th to announce the strategy of building an EV ecosystem in North America.


MIH brings together EV brands INDI EV, Lordstown Motors, Monarch Tractor, and software and hardware companies such as FII, GIS, TIER IV, TomTom, and VicOne to showcase the latest achievements of the MIH alliance in the North American market.


The MIH booth is located at LVCC West Hall #5274. Partners are welcome to come to the booth to participate in important events, including the MIH press conference, Expert Talks, Happy Hour, and more.


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Welcome, 2023! New Year Greeting Video from Jack Cheng 😍

Time to say goodbye to the old year and welcome 2023 with open arms. MIH CEO Jack Cheng wants to share the achievements of the MIH Consortium in 2022 and the goals in 2023. Watch the video now! We look forward to continuing to work with all members to create more convenient and innovative mobility services. 

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Become a Contributor Member, and Get a Chance to Join Project X!

Following our kick-off meeting of Project X, we are calling MIH Contributor Members to join the progress update briefing next month. MIH CEO Jack Cheng and MIH team will be hosting the meeting to share more details about current status of the project, we encourage you to become a contributor member and build the open electric vehicle with us!


[Event information]

  • Presenter: Jack Cheng and MIH Team
  • Date: January 31st, 2023 (GMT+8)


[What to expect?]

  • Project X progress report
  • The overall picture of Contributor and Working Group members participating in Project X
  • Q&A


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2022 Working Groups Summary

The MIH Working Groups, including Autonomous, Energy Management, Security & OTA, etc., released the annual summary of their technology developments. Check it out. 

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2022 Interest Groups Summary

Do you want to know what the Interest Groups have developed in 2022? Click to see more details.

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[Expert Views] Solutions in Patents: How to Prevent Thermal Runaway of Lithium Batteries from Cell, Module and BMS (Part Three)

The patent expert Jean Chou from WISPRO continues the previous article on the topic of thermal management of lithium batteries for electric vehicles, and proposes more classifications of various technical solutions to prevent battery thermal runaway from the perspective of battery modules, including cooling, module structure optimization, and various protections mechanism.

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