MIH February 2022 Newsletter

MIH releases Open EV Platform Concept Manual and M+ Service. MIH Partner Gathering & Business Briefing event coming soon on March 25!

The MIH February Newsletter brings you the latest information on the 3/25 MIH Partner Gathering and Business Briefing event. MIH also releases our Open EV Platform Concept Manual and launches the new M+ subscription service. For more exciting news, please read on. 

MIH Partner Gathering & Business Briefing event coming soon!

The first major MIH event of 2022 is coming on March 25th. Similar to last year, MIH is inviting members to join us onsite at POPOP TAIPEI in Nangang. Highlight of this year will be the sharing from Foxconn strategic business partners on their roadmap and opportunities for MIH members to work with them in various regions and on the progress of MIH Open EV platform.

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MIH launches M+ subscription service. The first 20 early bird subscribers will receive VIP tickets to the “3/25 MIH Partner Gathering & Business Briefing” event

The new MIH M+ Service is a subscription service. For a fee of US$1,000 annually, members with the subscription can enjoy a variety of MIH Alliance benefits and services, including event participation opportunities, certification and training courses, exclusive market insight information, intellectual property consultation, and exposure opportunities on MIH Monthly Newsletters. Subscribe to M+ Service now and get a free ticket to MIH Partner Gathering & Business Briefing Event on March 25.

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MIH Open EV Platform Concept Manual officially released

The Open EV Platform API can be adapted for mission-critical control or non-mission-critical control functions, which allows developers to provide and integrate the capabilities of various solutions by using common interfaces. More Open EV Platform concepts around different domains can be found here.

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Working Group status for Feb. 2022

Here is the latest news and progress report from MIH Working Groups: Powertrain, AD/ADAS, Security/OTA, and the update about our upcoming Certification Working Group.

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Interest Group status for Feb. 2022

MIH Alliance has launched “Carbon Neutrality” and “Next Generation Communication” Interest Groups, covering topics such as carbon neutrality and 6G communication, which have received widespread attention in the ecosystem.

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Formula Student Taiwan (FST) will start soon!

FST is committed to promoting racing events, and hopes that as a foreign outpost, it will assist student teams to build their racing cars and cultivate outstanding talents in the automotive industry! Formula Student Taiwan will be coming in the summer and we look forward to the exciting races.

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MIH x WISPRO – Intellectual property seminar on Feb. 18

MIH is honored to have Jean Chou, Vice President of WISPRO, to present an exclusive seminar on intellectual property to our Contributor Members. In the future, MIH will host more seminars for our member partners to provide them with business and technical knowledge and information insight to develop their EV business.

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IHS Markit: Why the great supply chain disruption will continue in 2022

The report, entitled The Great Supply Chain Disruption: Why it Continues in 2022 provides a comprehensive review and forward-looking perspectives from leading IHS Markit experts across a broad spectrum of the global economy.

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EV 101 – Glossary

As we bring players and members from the automotive and the tech industry together, sharing the same understanding of EV terminology and technology becomes very important for our collaborative work. This guide serves as a quick reference and resource for current and future EV players.

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