MIH February 2023 Newsletter

We are thrilled to announce that the MIH Consortium’s new committee for the 2023-2024 term has started officially. Thanks to all members’ participation in new committee process last year. The new committee is composed of industry professionals with strong expertise in fields such as Automotive, Mobility, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Certification & Testing, and Startups & Venture Capital ecosystems. 👏👏 We believe that their knowledge and experience will help us drive innovation and growth across these industries. 🗣 💪


Last September, MIH announced the MIH EV Design Award for college students in Taiwan, and the response was overwhelming with over 100 submissions. We are now delighted to announce the Top 10 teams today. 🎨 🚗  We invite you to check out their innovative designs. You can also vote for the design you like the most. Stay tuned for updates on the final competition and the winners! 🏆🥇


MIH and a leading chemical company BASF will be hosting a Webinar on March 16th. The seminar will cover key topics in Sustainability and green eMobility. Don’t miss out and sign up now! 🌟


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Meet the Strong Lineup of the 2023-2024 MIH Committee

Since its official launch in July 2021, MIH Consortium has grown to more than 2,500 members. We are thrilled to announce the new committee lineup which brings together professionals with a wealth of experience and knowledge. MIH remains committed to accelerating the development and standardization of EV-related technologies. We are confident that the new committee will help steer MIH toward a successful future. 


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MIH EV Design Award: Top 10 Announcement!

Generation Z is poised to become the most important consumer group in the future EV and mobility service market, and understanding their needs and ideas is crucial for the industry. To foster young talent and gain insight into their perspectives, we launched the MIH EV Design Award in September last year. Today, we are excited to announce the Top TEN teams that have been selected for the final competition. Want to stay up-to-date with the trends? Check out Gen Zers’ creative designs now.


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[Webinar in March] MIH x BASF – Sustainable Drive

With electric vehicles have emerged as a global trend, components in electric vehicles are expected to employ materials suitable for higher voltage. Also, flame-retardant materials are used for passenger safety. MIH and BASF are co-hosting a webinar to discuss how the Consortium can help supply chain meet net-zero emissions and how these materials are used to benefit the EV industry.

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Security & OTA Working Group Insight Sharing – Webinar Video!

The Security & OTA Working Group successfully held a webinar on February 16th. We had a fantastic turnout with more than 70 participants joining from all over the world. If you miss the webinar, the video replay is now available. Click to watch the webinar video to get insights from experts. 


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Working Group Status for February 2023

The MIH Working Groups, such as Autonomy, Smart Cabin, Testing and Certification, Security & OTA, etc., have updated their work progress. Check out their work to keep up with the latest news.

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Interest Group Status for February 2023

MIH Interest Groups: Team Net-Zero, Team Global Connectivity, and Team Web3 in EV have been officially transitioned into subgroups of Security & OTA, Connectivity, and Testing & Certification Working Groups, as decided by the committee in the February meeting. 

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