MIH launches M+ subscription service.


Simply subscribe to the M+ Service at US$1,000 and make your experience at MIH much more rewarding!

In order to provide better services, MIH Alliance has launched M+ subscription service, which will provide more in-depth interactions with MIH Alliance members through various services and continue to expand and deepen the MIH Alliance EV open platform ecosystem!

The new MIH M+ Service is a subscription service. For a fee of US$1,000 annually, members with the subscription can enjoy a variety of MIH Alliance benefits and services, including event participation opportunities, certification and training courses, exclusive market insight information, intellectual property consultation, and exposure opportunities on MIH Monthly Newsletters.

*The following table outlines the details of the MIH Alliance membership benefits with the updated M+ subscription service. If you have any questions, please contact mih@mih-ev.org.

【2022 MIH Alliance Member Benefits & Services】 

Benefits of M+ Service Subscription 

MIH sincerely invites community members to subscribe to the M+ Service; members who pay $1,000 per year for the M+ Service subscription will be offered the following services & benefits during the subscription period: 

  • Participation in public meetings and events organized by MIH Alliance (original price: $300-600 per meeting or event) 
    M+ Service members are entitled to free attendance at MIH Alliance public meetings and events, with a maximum of one or two colleagues from the same company attending each meeting and event. 
  • Attendance at certification training courses (original price $100-500/session)  

    M+ Service subscribers are entitled to 3-6 free certification training sessions during the subscription year, up to two colleagues from the same company can attend each course. 
  • Exclusive Market Insight Seminar (Original Price: $200-$500 per seminar) 
    M+ Service members can attend the exclusive Market Insights Seminar for MIH Alliance members for free. Up to two colleagues from the same company can attend each seminar event. 
  • IP Consultation Service (Original Price: US$200-500/session)  
    Members subscribing to M+ Service can contact mih@mih-ev.org for one IP consultation per month by appointment: 30-minute IP consultation meeting on Friday weekdays between 2pm and 6pm (Taipei time) with up to two colleagues from the same company attending each meeting. 
  • MIH Alliance Monthly Newsletter Featuring 
    M+ Service subscribers can pay US $300-600 to have their company/products advertisement placed in the MIH Alliance monthly newsletter for a maximum of 2 times per year, with a 3-month interval between each advertised. 

【How to Apply】 

  • Not yet an MIH Member and would like to become an MIH Member: 
    If you are interested, please apply here.  
  • Community Members who want to subscribe M+ Service subscription service:  
    After paying US$1,000, you can enjoy M+ Service subscription service. If you are interested, please fill out the paid subscription form
  • Already a Community Member and would like to become a Contributor member: 
    After making a donation of US$10,000, you can become a Contributor member. If you are interested, please fill out the donation form