MIH November 2022 Newsletter

Before the end of 2022, MIH was proud to hold the MIH Demo Day in November. We received tons of positive responses about our new Project X: A-segment electric vehicle. If you want to relive the excitement, we have event highlights for you. Just watch replays of keynote and presentations and download the slides.


In addition, MIH will hold a Project X Briefing for Contributor Members on December 1st (GMT+8). If you want first-hand information on Project X, become a Contributor Member today!


At the same time, MIH never stops moving forward. At the beginning of 2023, we’ll be coming to CES 2023 in Las Vegas. The MIH booth is located at LVCC West Hall #5274. More important news will be announced there. Follow us on MIH social media to get first-hand news.


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MIH Demo Day Highlights! Download Slides and Watch Replays

MIH Consortium successfully held the MIH Demo Day on November 8th, with more than 2,000 participants. On that day, we announced Project X platform and will create an A-segment three-seater small electric vehicle as a demonstration vehicle. Its concept car is expected to be unveiled at the end of 2023!


If you want to learn more about Project X and the sharing of other speakers, or if you missed MIH Demo Day live, now you have the chance to watch it again. Also, the slide presentations are available for download now. Don’t miss it.


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See You at CES 2023! 🤩 MIH Will Bring You Exciting News!

CES 2023, the world’s largest technology trade show, will be held from January 5 to 8, 2023. Expanding overseas markets is the top priority for MIH in 2023. The first stop will be in Las Vegas!


MIH and partners, including EV automakers: INDI EV and Lordstown Motors, as well as software and hardware companies such as FII, GIS, Tier IV, TomTom, and VicOne will showcase EV-related technologies. Last but not least, MIH will announce exciting news there! Stay tuned. 


The MIH booth is located at LVCC West Hall #5274. Stop by the MIH booth to learn about MIH’s US ecosystem strategies.


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Project X Contributor Members Briefing

Following our announcement of Project X on MIH Demo Day, we are calling MIH Contributor Members to join us at this briefing. MIH CEO Jack Cheng and MIH team will be hosting the meeting to share more details and answer questions you may have.


[Event information]

  • Presenter: Jack Cheng and MIH Team

  • Date: December 1st (GMT+8)


[What to expect?]

  • Overview of Project X

  • How Contributor and Working Group members can participate in Project X

  • Q&A


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[MIH Insights] Testing and certification are the cornerstones of EV; MIH never compromises on safety!

The automotive industry attaches great importance to safety, it not only requires many tests and certifications to ensure the safety and performance of the vehicle, but the vehicle also needs to meet the standards set by the country or region where it is sold. As cars enter the era of digitalization and electrification, testings and certifications become more complicated. 

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Watch MIH Smart Cabin Webinar Video


The MIH Smart Cabin Working Group hosted an Insight Sharing Webinar on Nov. 25th. Nearly 100 participants were joining the discussion from around the world. Thank you for participating in this online event. Please fill out the feedback survey to watch the video replay and get exciting information about how MIH collaborates with partners to make in-vehicle smart cabins advanced!


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Working Group Status for November 2022

The MIH Working Groups, including Autonomous, Energy Management, Security & OTA, etc., released the latest technology development and project progress on MIH Demo Day in November. Check it out. 

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Interest Group Status for November 2022

Do you want to know what the two groups of the Interest Group will show on MIH Demo Day? Click to see the update.

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[Member Featuring] Chang Horing Rubber Industry

Chang Horing Rubber Industry is the largest rubber kneading company in Taiwan. Their service scope covers the semiconductor, aerospace industry, medical industry to automobile industries. In terms of electric vehicle design, we look forward to working with Chang Horing Rubber to propose more rubber and silicone rubber polymer material solutions related to heat conduction, electrical performance, shock absorption, mechanism sealing, noise reduction and sound insulation, and batteries.

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[Expert Views] Solutions in Patents: How to Prevent Thermal Runaway of Lithium Batteries from Cell, Module and BMS (Part Two)

The patent expert Jean Chou from WISPRO continues the previous article on the topic of thermal management of lithium batteries for electric vehicles, and proposes more classifications of various technical solutions to prevent battery thermal runaway from the perspective of battery modules, including cooling, module structure optimization, and various protections mechanism.

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