MIH October 2022 Newsletter

Have you heard the news? Something big is coming from MIH Consortium. On MIH Demo Day, Nov. 8th, we will be making a big announcement: a brand new MIH vehicle platform, and hosting great activities, such as MIH for Startups pitch event and VIP night. Get free tickets today


We’re pleased to invite all members to attend MIH Demo Day. This is your opportunity to

✅ learn the first-hand MIH news announced by MIH CEO Jack Cheng
✅ stay on top of trends in the electric vehicle and mobility industry
✅ network with EV professionals and heavyweights and expand your business
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MIH Demo Day on Nov. 8th: 25 Speakers, 30 Booths, and Something Big!


There are just 8 days left until MIH Demo Day, Nov. 8th! We’re going to show you the EV revolution with an open and agnostic strategy with 25 speakers, 30 booths, 100+ partners joining in person, and something BIG. Save your spot today!


MIH will launch a new EV platform project, showcase the MIH Working Groups’ development results, and feature many notable speakers from Karma Automotive, American Axle & Manufacturing, Tier IV, Lordstown Motors, Clientron, and more. Do not miss this grand gala!


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Watch 2022 Hon Hai Tech Day (HHTD) Event Video on Demand 🤩 

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Hon Hai Technology Group (“Foxconn”) announced two new self-developed concept prototype electric vehicles at its third annual Hon Hai Tech Day (HHTD): the MODEL B crossover hatchback and the MODEL V all-terrain, electric pickup.

At the same time, Hon Hai showcased the production vehicle MODEL C, to be delivered to its brand Customer in Taiwan next year, while showcasing key components of the EV supply chain, such as electric power steering (EPS) system, solid-state battery, silicon carbide power module and semiconductors. In addition, this year’s HHTD promotes the business model of contract design and manufacturing service (CDMS) in the field of electric vehicles through the next decade.


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[Webinar in November] MIH WG Insights Sharing – Smart Cabin

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The MIH Smart Cabin Working Group will hold a webinar on November 25th. We’re entering the era of the electric vehicle which is more integrated with various technologies. The car cockpit has been transformed by introducing features like multiple touch display screens, gesture control, AI voice interaction, fatigue detection, and more. If you want to know the latest trends in the smart cockpit and the focus of MIH working group development, don’t miss this webinar.


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Working Group Status for October 2022

The MIH Working Groups, including Autonomy, Smart Cabin, Energy Management, Security & OTA, etc., have continued working on standards and reference design. Below you will find updates on their work progress. 

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Interest Group Status for October 2022

In October, three teams in the MIH Interest Group completed the reorganization and restructuring. Check out the updates. 

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[Member Featuring] PwC Taiwan

PwC unveiled its new global network strategy The New Equation, in 2021, which responds to fundamental changes in the world, including technological disruption, climate change, fractured geopolitics, and the continuing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The new strategy aims to help clients build trust and deliver sustained outcomes.

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[Expert Views] Solutions in Patents: How to Prevent Thermal Runaway of Lithium Batteries from Cell, Module and BMS (Part One)

Lithium batteries are widely used as the power source of EVs. Still, because Lithium batteries contain highly flammable lithium metal and organic materials, they are prone to “Thermal Runaway” after combustion, which has become a critical problem for the industry to solve to improve driving safety. In this article, the author will try to find solutions to lithium battery thermal runaway through patent search and analysis.

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