MIH September 2022 Newsletter

The significant event in the electric vehicle industry, MIH Demo Day – The Open and Agnostic EV Revolution, will be grandly held on November 8. The MIH Consortium will reveal the MIH platform for the first time. At the same time, a mysterious guest will join us at VIP Night!


As MIH has received many inquiries from members, it has decided to extend the MIH Demo Day early bird discount rate to allow more members to participate in the event. If you want to expand your professional network and business opportunities, get the tickets now!


The MIH Smart Cabin Working Group will hold a webinar on October 28. Speakers from MIH, Karma Automotive, Cerence, Clientron, TomTom, and Kneron will share the latest trends and technologies in the smart cockpit area.


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Early Bird Promotion for MIH Demo Day Extended Until Oct. 15th

MIH Demo Day, an annual grand event in the electric vehicle industry, will take place on November 8. The MIH working groups will discuss how they have started an EV revolution from an open and agnostic perspective. More than 100 partners will participate in the event, including industry-leading companies such as American Axle & Manufacturing, Tier IV, and Clientron will give speeches.


In recognition of members’ positive feedback, we’ve just decided to extend the early bird registration to allow more partners to join this event. Don’t miss out on the chance to meet industry heavyweights and grow your business!


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[MIH Insights] Strengthen EV Cybersecurity with a Comprehensive Approach

The belief in the future where vehicles will become people’s second living space and act similarly to a mobile data center aligns with the core concept of the MIH Consortium’s initiatives. Cybersecurity is critical to the regular operation and protection of connected vehicles. In the following article, MIH Technical Consultant Brook Lu identifies that the MIH Security & OTA Working Group focuses on supplier management, cybersecurity solutions, and user data protection.

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[Webinar in October] MIH WG Insights Sharing – Smart Cabin

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The MIH Smart Cabin Working Group will hold a webinar on October 28. We’re entering the era of the electric vehicle which is more integrated with various technologies. The car cockpit has been transformed by introducing features like multiple touch display screens, gesture control, AI voice interaction, fatigue detection, and more. If you want to know the latest trends in the smart cockpit and the focus of MIH working group development, don’t miss this webinar.


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Working Group Status for September 2022

The MIH Working Groups including Autonomy, Smart Cabin, Energy Management, Security & OTA, etc., have continued working on standards and reference design. Below you will find updates on their work progress. 

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Interest Group Status for September 2022

In September, the Carbon Neutrality Interest Groups and Web3 in EV Ecosystem Interest Group have new progress. Read our latest news to catch up on their project updates.  

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[Member Featuring] GMORS

GMORS is a leading manufacturer of quality rubber O-rings, seals, and gaskets used in numerous diverse industries at competitive prices. The company is motivated by emerging technologies and joined MIH to provide seal consultation, DFM and TFC support, and CPK and PPK quality assurance for EVs. The following article explains rubber seals in the automotive sector, GMORS system process control (SAP ERP/MES/PLM), custom mold and seal designs, and specifies its involvement in MIH.

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[Expert Views] Metaverse x Future Cars – A Perspective from Patent Analysis (Part Two)

The metaverse is our future, revolutionizing how companies adapt their products and marketing. The certified Taiwan Patent Attorney Jean Chou uses patent analysis to analyze how metaverse can influence the automotive industry.

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