New Year’s Greeting & Resolution


Hello, my friends. This is Jack Cheng from MIH. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the season of harvest and fun. As the end of 2022 is approaching, I wanted to share some progresses on what we’ve been up to at MIH over this year and send you my best wishes. I know you may be on holiday, but I hope you will stay with me for this compelling story and find something inspiring within it. 


MIH is a two-year-old open EV consortium that is committed to the Open and Agnostic approach in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. Our brand DNA is centered on challenging the status quo and bringing together a diverse group of individuals to create a better ecosystem for EVs. So far, we have attracted over 2,500 members to our platform through events such as the annual member gathering in March and the Industry Seminar in June. While we are based in Asia, our members come from all around the world, including the US, EU, Japan, and India. By leveraging Taiwan’s ICT capabilities and partnering with global EV supply chain companies, we aim to have a global impact and make a significant contribution to the EV industry. 


We believe that the future of mobility lies in vehicles that serve not only as transportation carriers but also as an extension of living spaces. This year, we have made 1 song- the MIH Song to demonstrate our commitment of creating a lifestyle rather than just building cars. We believe that a certain style of music, like the MIH Song- “A Touch of MIH”, can define the soul of the vehicle through its melody and story. 


To bring this lifestyle to the EV industry, we are working with members from around the world to build a super-computer on four wheels by developing open and agnostic standards and modularizations together. By empowering our members to join us in this effort, we are striving to create a truly innovative and forward-thinking industry. 

MIH Open EV Consortium brings together talented individuals and EV resources from around the world. With a diverse membership base and strong support, we have 14 working groups developing the technologies for the future of mobility. In November, we showcased our technical development progress at the MIH DEMO DAY. In addition to supporting the growth of the EV ecosystem, MIH is also committed to creating business opportunities for our members by connecting working groups and partner solutions with the EV market. At the DEMO DAY, we also announced the kick-off plan for Project X, which aims to build a 3-seater car that marks the beginning of commercialization for the MIH Consortium. Our BYOV (Build Your Own Vehicle) model for Project X allows users to build their own customized cars using modular designs. 

Project X marks the start of our commercialization efforts, and after the launch of the A-segment 3-seater car, we plan to develop 6-seater and 9-seater cars and bring them to a global level. These vehicles will showcase the technologies developed by our working groups which include powertrain systems, battery systems with both fixed charging and battery swapping technology, zonal electrical and electronic architecture, and decentralized identifier (DID) for enhanced privacy. We are excited to bring these innovative technologies to the market and continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the EV industry. 

In order to cultivate a vibrant and innovative atmosphere within the EV ecosystem, we launched the “MIH for Startups” program this year and invited 10 global EV startups to join our consortium. By working with startups which focused on 7 key areas of the EV development such as powertrain systems, battery and energy management, light-weighting technologies, automotive semiconductor, automotive system software and digital twin, autonomous driving, and smart cockpit, we have seen the potential power of the younger generation and are committed to providing opportunities for these startups to grow and thrive. As an EV startup incubator, we are dedicated to matching these startups with investment entities to amplify their impact on the ecosystem. 

We believe that education plays a crucial role in the success and growth of the EV ecosystem, and thus we initiated the Electric Vehicle Design Award among over 13 Taiwan campuses this year. Our goal is to inspire new ideas for EV design among the Z generation and bring better together creativity and vehicle needs. We envision a future of mobility that is defined by a 5-sense demonstration and a software-defined vehicle. In this vision, EVs will be a customized experience for everyone rather than a “fixed template” . 


To continue expanding the development capacity of the MIH Consortium ecosystem, we will make our first stop in global ecosystem development at CES in January 2023. CES is the biggest spotlight in the EV industry and we are excited to participate in this event. You are welcomed to join us in Las Vegas from January 5th to 8th at West Hall #5274 to see the showcase of the future of mobility with our partners. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to be a part of the EV industry. 

In 2023, our focus will not only be on the development of Project X, but also on continuing to drive innovation within our working groups. We will open more intellectual property and co-create better feasible solutions with partners. By connecting our working groups with Project X, we will create more business opportunities for the MIH Consortium. To broaden our impact on a global scale, we will showcase our presence at automotive shows and events around the world and invite our partners to join us in celebrating the great achievements to come in the coming year.