Working Group Status for February 2023

The progress updates of the various MIH Working Groups in February are below:

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【Autonomy WG】

The Autonomy Working Group held its third meeting of the year on February 16th. The current work items include:  

  • Members are requested to review the DbW API documentation again and submit it to the review committee by the end of the month.  
  • Members are requested to prepare and discuss the L3 intelligent driving system solution specifications and standards in the next few meetings.  
  • The Sensor and Map sub-groups will resume regular discussions at the beginning of next month. 


【Smart Cabin WG】

The 15th meeting of the Smart Cabin Working Group was held on Feb 16, which defined the Smart Cabin system architecture. The Smart Cabin controller includes Cluster, IVI, and Warning units, and the system is connected with Display system, Warning system, In-Vehicle Connectivity system, Monitor system, and Audio System, and connected with ADAS/AD autonomous driving domain controller as autonomous driving, BMS battery management system, Zonal Gateway (Body and Control) display and control. The working group will discuss and define with reference to this architecture. 


Testing & Certification WG】

The 18th Testing & Certification Working Group was held on 2/15. During the meeting, all members discussed the priority of the attack methods based on WP29 R155. Then the Autonomy subgroup updated the status and everybody discussed how to move the Autonomy hardware and software testing standard forward. 


【Security & OTA Working Group】

MIH Consortium Committee approved the chairman of the new Security & OTA working group during the MIH Committee meeting in early February, and Luffy Lu from VicOne was selected as the new chairman. The first working group meeting of 2023 will be on March 2. We will discuss the target and working items for the year 2023 during this meeting. 


The Security & OTA Working Group also hosted the MIH WG Insight Webinar in February. VicOne, ITM, and CyCraft Technology are invited to share the regulation, standards, and tools for cybersecurity security and data integrity in software-defined vehicles.