Working Group Update

In 2021, MIH proposed 16 Working Groups to start with and we kicked off 3 Working Groups by the end of last year. Below are the updates of “Powertrain, Motor, VCU & Transmission”, “Autonomous Driving”, and “OTA & Security” Working Groups.

Powertrain, Motor, VCU & Transmission

The chairman of the working group is AAM. Currently this working group is undergoing with direction of firstly understanding the latest trend of users’ expectations and the corresponding component specifications through the analysis of professional market insight data. Members contribute their time to complete the gap between the expectations of the standard specifications and the existing finished products, and then work together to develop the part that fills the gap.

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Autonomous Driving

The working group is led by the well-known Japanese Tier4 company in the international self-driving field. With the profound self-driving field technology and the years of business experience of AWF (Autoware Foundation is the world’s largest self-driving open source community), Tier4 is leading the team members to formulate the vehicle-specific MIH Open EV Platform self-driving interface standard based on Open AD kit. The current progress is the discussion and formulation of the Drive-by-Wire API standard, and it will be extended to various sensor API standards and verification compliance in the future.

The AD/ADAS working group currently has 13 members as of January 2022 and listed here in alphabetical order: DEKRA-iST, DFI, DRIMAES, EOI, Innodisk, iST Group, Kaspersky, Minebea, oToBrite, Tech Mahindra, Tier IV, TomTom and Trend Micro

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OTA & Security

The group, co-chaired by Wistron and MIH, focuses on creating a common interface for data security and cybersecurity for in-vehicle and over-the-air technologies. When in-vehicle data is uploaded to the cloud, the transmission path and communication tunnel should be highly secure. Combining identity authentication and blockchain technology-based decentralization and immutability which can help prevent illegal identity copying or self-driving car hacking, strengthen the security of information shared by cars and their control towers, and greatly improve data security and credibility. The current direction of the group is driven by the following themes:

  • Data upload security
  • OTA security
  • Decentralized Identity for Rights Management
  • Threat Prevention
  • and Detection
  • Information Security Verification

Members of the OTA and Security working groups are (as of January 2022) Wistron, Trend Micro, Cybavo, CyCraft, CarOTA, Kaspersky

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Outlook and focus for 2022

The Working Group focus for 2022 is outlined in the image above. MIH aims to launch more working groups in 2022, such as Energy management and Battery Management (BMS), System-on-Chip (SoC), Middleware/Runtime and OS, Cloud Native platform, Compliance certification, etc. As we continue to collect every piece of the puzzle, we will invite more partners to join and build a complete ecosystem of electric self-driving cars.

All in all, MIH embraces new opportunities and brings together more partners. Through each other’s strengths to complement each other, we are changing the way traditional car manufacturers build cars, starting from software-defined vehicles and creating an evolution that can evolve from this new future cooperation and business models that benefit future electric vehicle development to smart vehicle and second home direction.