Why become a member of MIH Open EV Alliance

Here is how all Members of the MIH Alliance benefit : 

  • Interaction & Participation 
    Opportunity to get in touch with players and actively discuss future possibly at interest groups and/or MIH events, to influence strategic direction in the EV development journey. 
  • Stay relevant & updated 
    Obtain MIH latest activity updates, to learn more about where the EV industry is moving towards and where new collaborations are possible.


Additional benefits to our Contributing Members : 

  • Go-to-market 
    Provide strategic directions and contribute technical expertise within the working groups and collaborate with complimenting partners to develop reference designs for the EV industry.
  • Community 
    Opportunity to join the technical and advisory committee, to build personal connections with EV related industry leaders, and be at the forefront of EV technology developments. 
  • Consultation 
    • Market insights 
    • Certification training 
    • IP consultation 
    • Maturity assessment

If you are interested in becoming a MIH Alliance Member, please fill out this form.

If you are an existing Community Member, you can become a Contributor Member after donating US$10,000 to MIH. Please fill out this donation form if interested.